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Melodica Trilogy vol. 3 - Livity (ALDBS07003)

by Ojah

Released 03/06/2017
Alchemy Dubs
Released 03/06/2017
Alchemy Dubs
Alchemy Dubs is proud to present our third release on 7” format.

This is also the third and final volume of our Melodica Trilogy, that consists of three different melodica tracks performed by three different players (limited edition of 500 units each). All with dubs on the B side, we wouldn't have it any other way.

On the A side we find the track “Livity" written and produced by Ojah who has played the melodica on this one as well. It was first recorded as a dubplate in 2014 but the recording itself was a bit rough, and since a few of the Alchemy Dubs team’s members where insisting on putting it out as part of the Melodica Trilogy, the melodica was re-recorded again in 2016 (as well as some of the percussion) and the track was given a new mix and new dubs.

On the B side we find a very stripped-down dub version that breaks the original structure and brings to the foreground elements that were part of the background before, and that features heavy manipulation of the analog fx, performed and executed live in one take by Ojah at Alchemy Dubs Studio.

Once again mixed by Ojah, mastered and cut via 1/2 inch tape by Lewis Hopkin.
Limited edition of 500 copies, hand-stamped and hand-numbered, served in a thick custom kraftliner sleeve.

All tracks written, recorded, mixed & produced by Oscar Pablos "Ojah" at Alchemy Dubs Studio, London, 2014-2017

Mastered & cut by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Audio Mastering

Graphic design by Victor Castro

Copyright Alchemy Dubs 2016
all rights reserved

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